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We’re so excited and unspeakably proud to have teamed up with some brilliant people to form STROBE, a celebration of creators, innovators and leaders from underrepresented communities.

For the past few months, we’ve been working away behind the scenes, in collaboration with our friends at Stripes, All HereThis Ability, People of Creativity, and more, to create a series of events for Black History Month. With these events, we hope to inspire each other, by highlighting people of colour and their successes in advertising, media and communications.

The STROBE series comes at a time when black and minority ethnic people are demanding to be better represented; both within the industry and the work that is created. As of 2016, there was only one black female in an executive position at an advertising or media agency in the UK. Between 2016 and 2017, the percentage of BAME people in the Advertising and media industries went down by 1% (from 13% to 12%).

And as we've seen, these poor levels of representation in the creative process are reflected in the work. In the last year some of the world’s biggest brands have fallen foul to the tokenistic inclusion of BAME characters in their ads and faced backlash because of a lack of authenticity in their storytelling. For both Adland and the businesses we represent, there is a need to evaluate how they attract and retain diverse creative talent in the long-term.

After a successful launch, we’re really looking forward to creating long-lasting change. Change that takes us well beyond October.

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