What is TOBJOBS?
TOBJOBS is the place for companies in the creative and tech industries to post their job vacancies, and for the people in our community to find them.

How does it work?
Companies pay a fee to list their jobs on our TOBJOBS board. Candidates then can apply directly to companies.

What kinds of jobs appear on TOBJOBS?
These will be jobs from the creative and tech industries, including (but not limited to): design, writing, illustration, directing, photography, account roles, project management, dev, new business, data, HR, marketing, social...and the list goes on!

Who sees these jobs?
Our creative community is made up largely of people of colour and people from other marginalised backgrounds who are underrepresented in the creative and tech industries.

Who posts these jobs?
Mostly companies within the creative and tech industries. However, we haven’t vetted these companies, so can’t vouch for the inclusivity of their culture or recruitment processes, unless they’ve done our Know Your Bias training.

How many jobs can I post?
You can post as many jobs as you like, contact Serap for more information on our package deals.

Why is there a different rate for companies who’ve done Know Your Bias training?
Recruitment practices and workplace cultures in the creative and tech industries are famously un-diverse and un-inclusive. We designed our Know Your Bias training programme to remedy that in a meaningful way. If we know your teams have done the training, we have the reassurance that they’ll be more conscious of how they treat people from our community.

What is Know Your Bias training and how can I get it?
Find out more here.

How will the company know I have come through #TOBJOBS?
In the subject line of the email, make sure it reads: ‘TOB Referral’.

How can I give feedback on the inclusivity of a company’s recruitment process and culture?
If you’re a candidate from our community, we’d love to know how the recruitment experience was for you. Please feel free to give us your feedback.