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The Other Box: Family Picnic

We've reached over 1000 followers on our Facebook group. Hooray! To celebrate, we'd love for you to join us at a TOB family picnic on 7th July in London. 

Roshni and Leyya will be pitched up from 1pm on the Marble Arch corner of Hyde Park - not far from Speaker's Corner (The map isn't accurate, but we will tweet out more info to our exact location).

Bring a blanket, plus your favourite snacks, people and park games. This is your chance to mingle irl with all of our amazing Facebook group members and growing community of creatives from underrepresented backgrounds. Kids, pets, friends, partners, siblings, bumps all are welcome! It's a proper family picnic. 

To join our Facebook group, click here. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And let's all pray for beautiful weather!