Our interactive workshops are designed to help people understand and question their own unconscious biases (we all have them!). We use our knowledge and experience to facilitate the difficult conversations people often shy away from at work. And we arm you with simple actions to create a more inclusive culture.

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'Know Your Bias' Workshop

Whether or not we like to admit it, we all have unconscious biases. They affect our perceptions, our decision-making processes and our workplace cultures. Becoming aware of an unconscious bias is the first step to changing that. And it can ultimately help us all create a more inclusive and productive working culture.

But unfortunately unconscious bias training is fast gaining a reputation as an ineffective, underwhelming snoozefest. Death-by-powerpoint. A box-ticking exercise.

We’re not about that.  

We’ve designed a series of thought-provoking, interactive workshops where everyone can take away practical tips
to apply straightaway at work. 

“The Other Box creates a safe space for diversity and inclusion topics to come alive through shared discussion. Getting people out of their seats, talking about their own experiences and perceptions in a safe space was really powerful and dare I say it, enjoyable.”

"The workshop was interesting, innovative and thought provoking. I felt you really opening ways of thinking and I’m very grateful that you both delivered it so succinctly and with such passion. I also especially appreciated your honesty in certain discussions. Being frank isn’t the easiest thing to do, but you helped people relax and not be afraid to admit when they themselves had found themselves sitting in a perspective that isn’t socially acceptable." 
Double Negative

"Know Your Bias is a powerful introduction to understanding your unconscious biases and how to make them conscious.  The Other Box expertly facilitated a lively, honest and impactful discussion with a diverse group of participants. They created a safe space for open dialogue and learning during this highly interactive workshop. 
72 and Sunny

"I attended the ‘Know Your Bias’ workshop last week and had my assumptions challenged, my beliefs unpicked and time to think about things I had not previously interrogated in my mind. Much welcomed food for thought. The trainers were great in making the session a safe space to ponder and discuss things we don’t usually, but ought to if we want to change how we work to be more inclusive."
Into Film

"It was fantastic to have the Know Your Bias workshop as part of our education programme this year. We were blown away by the discussions and levels of honesty that come from the group that Roshni and Leyya wonderfully facilitated. Their delivery creates a safe space amongst a group for them to feel free to be open and expressive, which in turns helps them to understand their unconscious biases and how they can go about making them conscious. Valuable, challenging and memorable. We hope work with them again in the future."
Oh This Way

"This was such a great workshop! Everyone should be aware of their unconscious bias and be aware of how we talk to people. The Know Your Bias is an incredible 90-minute journey where we create a safe space to explore bias and turn the unconscious to the conscious. Becoming aware of our biases can lead to changing behaviour, which ultimately can make our industry more collaborative, inclusive, and competitive."
Mill Channel

"A raised glass to The Other Box for bringing this unconscious bias workshop to the lives of myself and others. I’ve never been given a space where discussing work insecurities has been encouraged and accepted, and it felt good to be challenged, sharing thoughts and opinions on the overlooked issues that matter THE MOST. Important and necessary for your life learning."
Tamara Roper

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