Our interactive workshops help raise awareness of unconscious biases (we all have them!), to encourage better decision-making and more inclusive workplace cultures. We challenge people at all levels to think differently about their behaviour. From leadership and senior management to juniors and newbies.

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Know Your Bias Workshop

Whether or not we like to admit it, we all have unconscious biases. They affect our perceptions, our decision-making processes and our workplace cultures. Becoming aware of an unconscious bias is the first step to changing that. And it can ultimately help us all create a more inclusive and productive working culture.

This is a thought-provoking, interactive workshop where you’ll take away practical tips to apply straightaway at work.

Time: 90 minutes


"The Know Your Bias workshop got me thinking about my unconscious biases in totally new ways – and left me with plenty to consider in my work life, where I mix with people of all kinds of different backgrounds. If everyone took this workshop, it would help to squash unconscious biases in the workplace."  - Luke Leighfield

"This was such a great workshop! Everyone should be aware of their unconscious bias and be more aware of how we talk to people." - Mill Channel

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