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26 x Wonderbly x The Other Box

We are teaming up with 26 and Wonderbly to put on an evening of inspiring talks, delivered by people from minority backgrounds. These are people who once felt invisible, even actively silenced by the mainstream, but who have used their experience and creativity to change the narrative. They’ve written themselves into the story so that all of us can feel inspired and empowered to tell our own stories.

The event itself is free, and Wonderbly is kindly providing pizza and nibbles!

So come along, take a seat, grab some pizza, and learn more about how we can improve diversity in copywriting and beyond.

About The Other Box
As a working class, state-educated woman of colour, 26 member Roshni Goyate felt stifled by the lack of visibility and opportunity for people of colour in the creative industries. Something had to change. So she teamed up with Leyya Sattar to co-found The Other Box, a platform for creating better inclusion and diversity in the advertising, design and marketing industries.’

About Wonderbly
Wonderbly is a marvellously unusual, award winning publishing startup that plays in the intersection of storytelling and technology. They're on a mission to inspire boundless self-belief in children through clever and sophisticated personalisation.

To date, they have made over 2.7 million children in more than 200 countries gasp and giggle.